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Visit Yellowstone National Park

RedRock RV Park is your basecamp for visiting Yellowstone National Park.

We recommend planning for at least 2 days to explore; better yet, plan to stay for 5 days or more! Here are all our top 3 must-see spots!

Yellowstone Southern Loop

Take a trip to Yellowstone’s Southern Geyser Basins by way of the Southern Loop. While more days are better, if you plan for one longer day, you can see the real beauty of this area. Enjoy the views of wildlife, geyers, thermal springs, rivers, lakes, forests, and more. Plan to leave early so you can see as much as possible.

The route:

Turn right at Madison Junction and loop around to the west shore of Yellowstone Lake. Follow the Yellowstone River and return through the Madison River Valley.

Yellowstone Northern Loop

For an amazing day trip, visit Yellowstone’s Northern territory. Here you’ll see mountains, geyers, thermal springs, rivers, lakes, forests, and wildlife.

The route:

Turn left at Madison Junction and go north to Mammoth Springs. Then turn right past Tower Junction and head south over Dunraven Pass then right at Canyon Junction and back to Norris Junction before heading South towards home.

Cave Falls, Yellowstone National Park

This tour will take you to a little piece of paradise. This waterfall on the Falls River is only 20 feet high, but its beauty is in that it is 250 feet wide. Cave Falls is the park’s widest waterfall. The upper step is about 3 feet high and then about 100 yards downstream, the lower step is about 5 feet high. If you want, start at Cave Falls and hike into the Bechler Region.

For an added adventure, stop at Mesa Falls on the way to Cave Falls.

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