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WiFi Terms and Access

Here’s How We Keep You Connected Online

We are happy to provide free WiFi for our registered guests at Red Rock RV Park.

Please read these guidelines to avoid disappointment and ensure an enjoyable experience for all campers. At RedRock, we strive to provide a quality online experience while you’re staying with us.

  1. In order to provide a quality experience for all our guests, please minimize your large data usage on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu.
  2. To connect to the WiFi, you will require an access code that will be provided when you arrive at Red Rock RV Park. Connect to the WiFi and enter the passcode in the log-in screen. Please do not share this passcode with other campers who are registered at your campsite. This passcode expires after your departure.
  3. Red Rock RV Park has a wireless internet mesh system. Our intent is to provide every RV site in the park with a usable WiFi signal. If you’re unable to get a strong signal, try moving your device to another area of your RV or outside. Avoid trying to connect to the WiFi if you’re behind a refrigerator or metal wall as these can interfere with the signal.
  4. The WiFi is a shared resource with limits. At high usable times, there is a limit of 200 connections. Please minimize excessive usage. Please consider turning off connected devices at night to avoid large automatic downloads and disconnect from the WiFi network when you aren’t using it.
  5. Do you have your own WiFi access point transmitting to your RV? If so, please ensure you are not using channels 1 or 11. We use these channels at Red Rock RV Park. Also, please do not use an external antenna to broadcast WiFi outside of your RV.
  6. At Red Rock, we reserve the right to block or throttle any guest’s access to the WiFi if they are misusing the internet services through excessive usage or performing illegal activities. We are able to log access to our system by site number, user, device, and time of day to cooperate with law enforcement agencies dedicated to solving internet crimes.
  7. Red Rock RV Park campground hosts and owners are not computer or internet experts. Please let us know if you are experiencing no signal or if you feel there is an issue with the WiFi system. But unfortunately, we are not able to troubleshoot your connection issues.


Are you a Verizon user? Verizon Wireless access is available at Red Rock RV Park. Most of our guests have reported a 4G signal.

Access to other internet carriers is available on the hill above Red Rock – approximately ½ mile up the Henry’s Lake South Access Road. You may find a higher speed bandwidth available on your devices at this location.

Do you have more questions? We have answers.

Check out our FAQ page


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