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Guest Mail Delivery

You’ve Got Mail!

Outgoing Mail

As a courtesy to our Red Rock RV Park guests, outgoing mail can be left in our office. We strive to place it in the mailbox prior to pickup on the same day, but there are no guarantees.

If you need assurance that your outgoing mail is sent out the same day, you can drop it off at Mack’s Inn Post Office by 1:30 pm for posting (excluding Sundays). There are also mailboxes at the intersection of US20 and Red Rock Road. We recommend dropping it off before noon. Please note that these mailboxes only accept letters.

Mail Delivery for Guests at our Resort

If you need to have mail delivered to you while you’re staying at Red Rock RV Park, you can use the address below. Please track your deliveries closely and pick up your mail from our office promptly – we do not offer delivery. Also note, that if your mail is not picked up within 7 days, we will return the mail to the sender.

As a courtesy to our guests, mail may be delivered to this address:
Your Name
c/o Red Rock RV Park
3707 Red Rock Road
Island Park, ID 83429-5003

For the safest handling of mail, consider having it sent to General Delivery, about 10 miles from us at Mack’s Inn Post Office (208-558-7070).
Your Name
General Delivery
Macks Inn, ID 83433-9999

Package Delivery for Guests at our Resort

Can’t wait for your package delivery? There are a couple of options for having packages delivered to you when you’re staying at Red Rock.

Packages that are sent via USPS that are too big for our mailbox will have an attempted delivery slip left. The delivery drivers do not drive out Red Rock RV Park. Any attempted delivery packages will need to be picked up from the main post office in Island Park (800-473-3762). Note that the post office is not at Mack’s Inn. We recommend calling the post office to verify that they are holding your package.

UPS, DHL, and FedEx will deliver to Red Rock RV Park. The office staff will sign for your delivery and will make an effort to ensure your package is safe in the office. However, Red Rock is not responsible for the safety of your package. Please track your package and come pick it up as soon as possible after it arrives.

In some cases, at the request of the package sender, the delivery carrier will deliver your package to a USPS hub – like Idaho Falls – and will have the US Post Office in Island Park deliver it to the Red Rock mailbox. If the package is too large for the mailbox, an attempted delivery slip will be left as described above.

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