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Off Roading

Get Outside and Explore!

RedRock RV Park offers access to many scenic off-highway vehicle trails.

RedRock RV Park is your basecamp for exploring the beauty of Idaho and the Greater Yellowstone area. Get off-road with your ATV, but please respect nature. For more information on Idaho ATV regulations, please visit:

Off-Roading Trails ATV Rentals

Grab your FREE Island Park Trail Guide in the office.

While the trails are accessible from the RV park, please be respectful when driving your ATV, UTV, motorcycle, or vehicle within the park. RedRock RV Park has a policy that prohibits campers from riding around for purposes other than getting to and from your site. Please drive slowly to reduce noise and dust and for the safety of children.

By order of the US Forest Service, all meadows across from RedRock RV Park are off-limits to off-road vehicles.

OFF-ROAD does not mean OFF-TRAIL. Please stay on the trails and maintain the beauty of our area for others.

Off-Road Rules:

  • Helmets for those under the age of 18
  • UTVs must be equipped with muffler and spark arrestors

On-Road Rules:

  • Must have driver’s license, registration, liscence plate, liability insurance proof
  • Vehicles must be equipped with brakes and mirrors

NOTE: RedRock RV Park accepts no liability for your travels on these trails. It is YOUR responsibility to find out if they are safe and that your skills are sufficient for riding them. Trails can be quite muddy and difficult after a rain or snow. Use caution and plan your trip with adequate food, water, and clothing. Take a cell phone with full battery for your safety if you have a breakdown or accident.

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