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Frequently Asked Questions About RedRock RV Park

Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

YELLOWSTONE GATE – How far are you from the west gate of Yellowstone National Park?

RedRock RV Park is approximately 22 miles to the west gate of Yellowstone National Park. Take Red Rock Road east and then head north on US20. With traffic, this pleasant drive is about 30 minutes.

PROPANE – Where can we buy Propane?

RedRock RV Park has propane for sale on site! Ask the office for details.

FISHING – Where can I buy a license, bait and fishing gear?

Getting all your fishing equipment and licenses is easy near Island Park.

  • Drift Lodge is about 6 miles to the east.
  • Henry’s Fork Anglers is in Last Chance which is about 15 miles south.
  • Island Park Builders and Robin’s Roost Station sell Idaho fishing licenses.

Remember, if you are fishing in Montana or Yellowstone National Park, you will need a separate license.

PETS – Can we bring pets? Are there restrictions?

We are pet friendly! It is RedRock’s policy that all dogs are leashed while in the park. Also, please do not leave your dogs in your unit for extended periods of time. Pets are expected to be well behaved and not bark or disturb others. Pet waste must be picked up immediately. RedRock RV Park reserves the right to ask dogs who are aggressive or make a continued nuisance to leave.

For your convenience, here is the pet policy for Yellowstone National Park.

ATV RENTALS – Is there somewhere to rent ATVs nearby?

No off-road vehicle? We have you covered! Explore hundreds of miles of easily-accessible trails from RedRock. If you don’t have your own ATV, there are several vendors to rent from nearby.

ATV Rentals

ATV/UTV – Can I bring my own off-road vehicle(s)? What are the requirements?

Yes, you can bring your ATV or off-road vehicles – the easily accessible trails from RedRock are calling your name! There are some requirements you should be aware of to avoid any fines. For your convenience, here are the Idaho requirements.

Please ask the office about places to park your ATV in the resort.

FIREWOOD – Can we use our own firewood?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your own firewood. The US Forest Service requests that all campers use certified firewood free from pests.

RedRock RV Park has firewood for sale at the office.

EMERGENCIES – Are emergency medical services available?

In the event of an emergency, there are emergency medical services available. RedRock RV Park is served by the Fremont County EMTs. There is an ambulance about 8 miles from the RV Park. In the event of an emergency, patients are evaluated and either released or taken to Rexburg or Idaho Falls Hospital by ambulance. In critical cases, there is a helicopter.

For non-emergencies, there is a local medical clinic at Pond’s Lodge.

For a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 and tell dispatch that you are at RedRock RV Park, 5 miles west on Red Rock Road and provide your site number. Then call the managers at (208) 558-7442 during business hours. For emergencies after hours, please call 208-558-0314.

Our managers are available anytime after hours for emergencies (208) 558-0314.

PHARMACIES – Are there any pharmacies in the area?

There are 2 pharmacies nearby for your convenience:

CONTACTING THE MANAGER – How do I contact the managers of the RedRock RV Park outside business hours?

If there is a crime being committed or has been committed, call the Fremont County Sheriff using 9-1-1.

For non-life threatening emergencies, contact the Sheriff’s dispatcher at (208) 624-4482.

Our managers are available anytime after hours for emergencies at (208) 558-0314. If you can’t reach the manager by phone, they live in the A-frame across the office.

Please dial 9-1-1 for emergencies first and then the managers.

Non-emergencies will be taken care of during office hours. Any in-park and non-life threatening disturbances should be reported to the manager.

GROCERY STORE – Is there a grocery store nearby?

The only grocery store in Island Park is at Robin’s Roost Chevron about 13 miles south of RedRock RV Park. They have a limited selection of your camping essentials.

If you are coming north to RedRock, we might suggest you stop at Dave’s Jubilee Market in Ashton. If you are coming west to RedRock, we might suggest you stop at one of the two grocery stores in town: the Market Place and Food Roundup. Lastly, there is a Walmart Supercenter in Rexburg, Idaho about 65 miles south.

RESTAURANTS – Are there good Restaurants nearby?

There are plenty of great restaurants in Island Park and the area surrounding RedRock RV Park.

Dining & Entertainment

CHURCHES – Are there any churches nearby?

There are 2 churches 10 miles south of RedRock RV Park: the Little Church in the Pines is an interdenominational Christian church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On US20, there is the Mountain View Church (Wednesday service only).

In West Yellowstone, Montana, there is the Lady of the Pines Catholic Church as well as others.

MAIL DELIVERY- Can we pick up mail at your park?

Yes, you can pick up mail at RedRock RV Park. For pick up at the resort, please address it the following way:

RedRock RV Park, Your Name
3707 Red Rock Road, Island Park, ID 83429

For the safest handling of mail, consider having it sent to General Delivery at Mack’s Inn Post Office which is located in the Island Park Builders Supply store (208) 558-7070. Use the following address:

Your Name
General Delivery
Macks Inn, ID

PACKAGE DELIVERY – Can we address UPS or FEDEX packages to your resort?

Yes! Check out all the details on our Guest Mail Delivery page.

Guest Mail Delivery

LAUNDRY – Is there a place to do our laundry while at your park?

Yes! We have onsite laundry and offer a change machine. We also sell laundry detergent pods in our office for your convenience.

LODGING – Can you recommend a place for visitors without RVs to stay nearby?

For your non-RVing friends, we have several accommodation and lodging options:

  • The Marriott at Mack’s Inn has hotel rooms that are available starting in June.
  • Sawtelle Mountain Resort is 8 miles south and provides accommodations.
  • Drift Lodge is 6 miles east and has cabins.

LOCAL ACTIVITIES: Are there nearby places to hire kayaks, canoes, rafts and horseback riding tours?

RedRock RV Park is surrounded by lots of outdoor recreational activities.

Horseback Riding

  • Dry Ridge Outfitters at Harriman State Park
  • Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
  • Diamond P Ranch

Kayaking/canoes/rafting and shuttles to drop-off point:

  • Mack’s Inn Resort

CAR RENTAL – We would like a car to drive for touring Yellowstone

If you don’t have a toad or a separate tow vehicle, there are several car rental companies in the area. In Rexburg, Idaho, car rentals are available through Enterprise Car. At the West Yellowstone Airport, there is a Budget Rental Car.

RV RENTAL – We want to join our friends at your RV Park but we don’t have an RV. We’d like to rent one nearby.

Everyone should experience the adventure of RVing. If you would like to rent an RV, there are RV rentals in Salt Lake City. In nearby Idaho Falls, there are 2 RV rentals:

  • Trifecta Rental
  • Smith RV

You can also check out for nearby RV rentals close to RedRock RV Park.

RV REPAIR – Who can I find to fix my RV?

RV repair is never fun – luckily there are a few mobile RV repair companies nearby! These companies are within 25 miles of RedRock and may make visits to the resort.

STORAGE – Can we bring our boat and toy trailers to your park?

Yes, RedRock has storage for your boat or toy trailer. However, depending on your campsite, you might have to park your trailer in a storage area away from your site. There may be a fee for storage.

Please let us know if you have a large trailer or lots of toys so we can find the best site for you.

FACEBOOK – do you have a Facebook page?

Yes! Check us out on Facebook for pictures of RedRock RV Park and surrounding sights. We also encourage you to leave a review or ask questions.

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