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Geocaching in the Greater Yellowstone Area

RedRock RV Park is a great base camp to explore the beauty of the greater Yellowstone area through the sport of GPS geocaching. So many places to place caches and so many places to have fun finding them. This new sport is especially attractive to RVers due to the ability they have to travel so far and wide in search of those elusive coins, travel-bugs, and mysterious hidden caches.

IDEA: USE YOUR ATV to geocache from RedRock RV Park!
Geocachers will know that certain tools of the trade are important on a search:

  • A reliable GPS or GPS phone with geo-caching software;a pen or pencil (for signing logs)
  • Tweezer for micro-cache logs
  • Printed information about the cache if you don’t have internet coverage, esp. the hints or attributes of the cache
  • Water, jacket, and plenty of fuel for your vehicle, batteries
  • Follow your common sense and nose and let the GPS be a tool (don’t follow it into danger!)
  • Bring your own geocache to hide!
  • Remember the rules. You must get permission on private or protected land (Federal or State or County)!

Some people collect the attractive geocache coins that you’ll sometimes find in a cache or by trading. Others just like to fill up their “dance card” by finding all the caches in an area. What better area to “conquer” than the Greater Yellowstone Area. Consider leaving a few caches for your fellow travelers to find too! To get started read the instructions on HOW TO geocache courtesy of Another great guide on geocaching here (pdf, 1.8 MBytes).

Read more about using your iPhone or Android phone for geocaching. Look at a map or a list of the nearby caches.

After the Find:

  1. Sign the cache logbook.
  2. Leave the cache as you found it (hidden, of course).
  3. Log your find at

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