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Off-Season at RedRock RV Park

Take advantage of our discounted web special and join us at RedRock RV Park for the relaxing transition from late winter into spring or late summer into fall in some of Idaho’s most beautiful landscapes. Just look at some of the experiences and activities that you can enjoy in the off-season here:

  • You can still go to Yellowstone National Park, and it is NOT JAMMED WITH PEOPLE!
  • You can take some drives in the area and see Idaho’s amazing fall colors or beautiful snowy peaks. Ask us about which drives are best.
  • See the early spring wildflowers in bloom and the White Pelicans nesting on Henry’s Lake in spring.
  • Get out of your car periodically or take some walks or hikes and hear the elk bugling in fall and the Sandhill cranes “talking,” and other sounds of wildlife here.
  • If you truly love to fish, drive over the small hill behind our park and visit Henry’s Lake (less than 1 mile away), cited as “the best trophy trout fishing lake in the world” where you can fish with the local people who know that the fishing is best in the fall.
  • By the end of September, the Sand Hill Cranes and others are migrating away. Come see them as they get together to migrate from Red Rock Lakes Nat’l Wildlife Refuge nearby.

Bring a group of friends to share your experience.

You get our low end-of-season rates, and your chances of being placed close together are better than in the earlier months of the season when we are so busy (we can’t guarantee this, but we’ll do our best for you).

Or you can just sit outside or inside your rig and “hang out” in our quiet haven. We may even have a potluck or two.

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