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RV Camping Checklist

We know how fun and exciting RV Camping is! While you may be anxious to hit the road right away, it is important to make sure you have all your RV camping essentials. If you do not pack all the correct items and equipment for your trip, it can affect your overall enjoyment and even safety. We have made preparing for your trip easier with an RV camping list!

RV Essentials

Whether you are a rookie RV camper or an expert road tripper, every RV needs to be equipped with certain elements. Even though it is important to have fun on your trip, your safety comes first!

Sewer Kit- A sewer kit is important to make sure you don’t have any smelly accidents happening. Ensure your sewer kit includes a sewer hose and that the connection pieces are compatible with your RV.

Water Hose- If your RV has a water tank, you need a water hose to fill up your water tank from the RV park.

Wheel Chocks- Wheel chocks are important to have because they keep your RV wheels in place, so your RV doesn’t roll away!

Flatwood planks- If the ground is muddy, the weight of your RV can cause it to sink lower, making it difficult to level. 2’x12’ flat wood planks help with leveling your RV by placing them under the leveling jack.

Extra Propane- Your RV stove, water heater, and sometimes your refrigerator run on propane. Keeping extra propane around is never a bad idea in case it is time to switch it out.

Kitchen and Cooking Items

As far as food goes, plan meals and snacks ahead of time, so you have enough food for the trip. There are also several kitchen items to complete the RV camping essentials list and have delicious meals.

Cooking Griddle- Who says you can’t have delicious food while you camp? A cooking griddle is one of the greatest luxuries to have while camping.

Cooking Spray- You can never go wrong with some extra cooking spray.

Dish Soap and Sponge- Quick cleaning in between meals makes preparing for the next meal much easier!

Paper Towels- Messes happen. Paper towels are great for cleaning up and wiping down wet dishes when you are done washing them.

Bowls, Plates, Cups, Utensils- Whether you get disposable ones or have your designated camping ones, dishes are a necessity.

Matches/Lighter- There is no use in trying to light a fire the old-fashioned way!

Camping Equipment

Your trailer camping checklist is not complete without your basic camping equipment! No camping trip is complete without a campfire. Not only does it help keep you warm, but nights around the campfire are also some of the best memories!

Firewood- Firewood is always convenient to have on hand, especially if you cannot find good enough wood in your environment. No RV camping trip is complete without a nice warm campfire.

Camping Chairs- There is nothing quite like a night gathered around the campfire in your camping chairs!

Axe- Whether you bring an axe, saw, or hatchet, make sure you have a tool to break up the firewood.

Tarp- Tarps are great to have on hand for all sorts of reasons. You can use them as a canopy to shield you from the sun or rain. It can also be placed on the ground to level out walking areas.

Personal Hygiene

Just because you are out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to forget about how you smell. Taking care of your personal hygiene is totally doable while camping, especially if you are RV camping.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste- Personal hygiene doesn’t need to go away when you are camping! Especially with all the s’mores you will be eating!

Deodorant- Camping calls for a lot of sweating. Keep those stinky smells at bay with deodorant.

Shampoo and Conditioner- If you have access to a shower, shampoo and conditioner are nice to have on hand.

Miscellaneous Items

No RV camping packing list is complete without a few miscellaneous items. These few items might be little, but they go a long way.

Flashlight/headlamp- Once the sun sets, there will be nothing but the stars and moon at night. Bringing a flashlight or headlamp will be essential to have in order to see your way around camp.

Bug Spray- Camping brings many bugs. To keep those unwanted guests away, do not forget to bring bug repellent!

Sunscreen- No matter what the forecast calls for, always bring sunscreen.


Dressing for camping is going to be much different than your day-to-day outfits. Checking the weather forecast is important to do before you head out so you can be the most prepared for the weather. Your camper essentials list must include clothes that reflect the activities you plan on doing!

Hat/Beanie- Bringing a hat will help you be prepared for the harsh sun. A beanie will help protect your head and ears from the cold weather.

Sweaters/Jackets- Layers are essential for camping as it can be warm during the day but freezing at night.

Short sleeve, long sleeve shirts, pants, and sweats- As far as shirts and pants go, make sure you pack several options to prepare you for outdoor activities and changing weather. They are also nice to have for layering under jackets for colder weather.

Closed-toed Shoes/Hiking Boots- A reliable pair of hiking boots or closed-toe shoes will keep your feet safe, comfortable, and warm with all that time outside.

Without a proper RV camping essentials list, preparing can be a little overwhelming. Planning efficiently and packing the best items ensures a safe, fun trip. Now, go enjoy your time outdoors. You are ready to hit the road!

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