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Star Gazing

RedRock RV Park is located 5 miles west of US 20 in Idaho on Red Rock Road and far from the large lighted cities.

Enjoy our dark skies at 6500′ for often perfect star gazing. The Milky Way is so clear it seems like you can almost touch it. Amateur Astronomers set up their telescopes in the field adjacent to our RV Park for spectacular views of the cosmos or drive up to the nearby 10000′ Sawtelle Peak for unlimited views. Use your binoculars and scan the skies for a new astronomical treat every night. Photograph the moon or just lie down and count the shooting stars!

The greater region of Yellowstone National Park is known for big skies, clean air and cloudless nights. This means that nighttime skies in the summer at our park are filled with brilliant stars. We have very little ambient light, no smog (just an abundance of fresh oxygen flowing from the forest above us), generally good weather and we are at a high altitude. If you are an Amateur Astronomer, or just a curious nature lover, you can enjoy a rare view of the night skies from our RV Park and surrounding areas.

For observing objects in the Milky Way, the moon can interfere with its brighness. But of course, the moon itself is a wonderful celestial body to view. You can use mounted binoculars to look at the moon’s craters. The moon is best viewed using a telescope, 3 days either side of first or last quarter (the craters are highly accentuated with elongated shadows). The Perseid Meteor Showers in August are great to view under our skies with only your eyes.

The greater Yellowstone area often has clear skies, no light pollution from large cities and a high altitude so that we can offer many clear viewing nights. Use your telescope or your binoculars or your keen eyes, but look up and behold the heavens like you can’t at home.

Whether you enjoy looking at the planets, galaxies, nebula, the moon, comets, asteroids, shooting stars or open star clusters, you’ll find them here. Look up to see the OTHER HALF of our park and be truly amazed!

Come Join us at RedRock RV Park and enjoy the night skies too!

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